My Crowded Days

I’m having a completely crowded days and filled with non-benefit duties! Wondered? This is the story:

My work week starts on Sunday and ends on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are weekend, and as an instructor in Telecommunication Institute in Damascus, I have the right to free one of the 5 work days (I’ve chosen Monday), and my manager – indiscriminately – freed Thursday (then they blinked)! So, I’ve only 3 work days weekly (I’ve to teach 4 lectures in Sunday and Wednesday and 3 in Tuesday, each lecture is actually 90 minutes) and 4 days free!

I think this introduction hints that my week is almost free and I have the time to do what I want, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, those who know me can understand how much this impression is worng that sometimes I’ve to go to my work in Saturdays even it is a weekend to complete some duties and works which I haven’t finished during my actual and virtual workdays which I’ve been there from since 8am to 7pm.

You may know that duties are categorized into 4 classes:

Don't disturb

  1. Urgent and immediate, which I should do as soon as possible. Prays and Doctor visiting are examples of duties in this class. You should put these jobs in your top priorties when you are planning your schedule. In general, this type of jobs is not a time consumer.
  2. Urgent and non-immediate, which I should do but I can delay it for a while. Preparing for journy and visiting your relatives are examples. These jobs should take the majority of your thinking while it may be delayed intervally until switching to class 1 jobs! Warning: class 2 duties are heavy time consumer.
  3. Immediate and non-urgent, like sleeping and eating. You should taking them into consideration when arranging your appointments while they are not noticed until it is their time, and oops! this collision was unexpected. The most of daily jobs are class 3 jobs.
  4. Non-Immediate and non-urgent: this type of works is gainless and the most time consumer, you will work in unurgent tasks in the time that should be used to complete urgent or immedate (or both) ones! Examples of tasks in this class are doing your friends requests and favors, washing your car’s glasses everyday…etc! When making a schedule, try to specify as less time as you can to such tasks and make them in the dead times.

Now, and as you can see, I can give a lecture in time scheduling and arranging your tasks and appointment. Though, my week is almost wasted in tasks considered in the 4th class which shouldn’t be given any valuable time especially from person who is going to take the IELTS test, which in normal cases should be prepared for it 6 continuous months before the test:

  • I’ve about 45 students who usually don’t care whether it is lecture time which they can ask me or not.
  • I’ve about 30 direct workmates and 30 indirect ones who each of them has either work-related or personal favor to ask me to do (and of course he/she consider his/her request has the top priority of all my works whatever they are and I have). The worst situation is when this workmate wants to make a favor to his/her friend and I should perform it!
  • I’ve many desirable and undesirable friends, who could be considered a copy of the previous type.
  • I’ve about 100 relatives who I should pay the different types of familial duties to them.
  • The even worst: people who I’ve met once upon a time, and they are selfish and has their personal weal the only important thing in MY LIFE!!!!!

I don’t like and never refused to help when I can. My aunt call me: occupiable, like what her manager is always calling her, but I suppose it is a good, nice and type of kind-hearted thing even it may be harmful to me in some cases. That is it, dear ladies and gentlemen who read this post: please delay or pause your favor requests from me to the end of the next May this year, and I’ll be glad.

With my best wishes,,,,,


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