It is his journy now

Takeoff base: AlZabadani, Damascus, Syria
Time: 27 Ramadhan 1430AH, 07:15 AM
Passenger: a 17-year old guy

It is his time now: SUDDENLY; his name was called.

He thought about this repeatedly, sometimes he wished if it comes on him quickly, other times, he thought scarily what he should do then.

Now, it has really happened, and unfortunately, he is not imagining! He realized, in the waste time, that there is not time to prepare for his journey! He should have already done; just what was prepared and packed before could be taken!

Few hours later, they brought him carried to the mosque, prayed on him and then took him to the graveyard, and left him alone, underneath! He was going to know the result of his most important exam!

I heard his name, the last call, and the time of funeral in the early morning, the next mosque called his name twice to announce that it is his time, to assure that death doesn’t care if it is an old and young person, to advise us to prepare what we need from now, and to watch us out; that next time, it could be you.

Note: it is good sign that he passed away in the Night of Fate (Laylat AlQadr), may Allah forgive him, give him his mercy, and enter him into his peace.

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