We all know what revolution flash made in the web application world in the last decade, it produce a stable stage which you can build you desktop-like rich-visualization web-applications on it to be run in any web-browser without the need to install any extra plugin or application other than the flash web player itself.

HTML5 vs Flash

Using the flash technology, it became possible to play user-controlled small size but high resolution streaming videos like many websites do (like youtube, yahoo videos, metacafe, … ).
In addition to the possibility to play quick lite flash games, large and awesome sites relied on flash and became a trophy:
1. which is a social chess website
2. where you can re-design your dreams ford car as you wish
3. google street which is a new service from google where you can take a tour at many international cities from your place
4. that allows you to design your home/floor freely in both 2d and 3d views
5. which is a web-based rich office suite from adobe to replace MS office one
6. where you can try the colors before you make the decision how to paint your house
7. similar to google maps but uses flash instead of AJAX
and many others.

Now, a new technology appears which forms a threat to flash; it has the same capability to flash but without the need to install any plugin at all, it is supported by your browser by default, actually, it is just an HTML, a new version and techniques which called: HTML5
* Google decided to switch to it and is going to stop the support of Google Gears which relied on Flash
* Apple decided to support and integrate instead of flash (which wasn’t supported at all by any apple product)
* You tube started a new beta section of the site to be built over HTML5
And here I give some examples of websites and pages which use the HTML5 as the core technique to demonstrate its capability:
1. the beta site of youtube
2. a web video player using HTML5


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