My name is Khan

This is the name of the movie I’ve seen the last night; My name is Khan; and it is narrated by the star; Ridwan Khan; a Muslim Indian who suffers from autism and lives in America after 11 September’s events.

The movie is one of the most sentimental and emotional movies I’ve ever seen; It is fabulous in all: the story, the production, and the acting. It is about 3 hours length; which is considered a long film; but you know, all the Indian movies have around lengths. It has been produced by FOX this year 2010.

My name is Khan
My name is Khan. Movie cover

Actually; this movie is a great attempt of redemption of the wrong image of Muslims and Islam in the western societies in general; American in special by the sentence: “My name is Khan and ‘I’m not a terrorist'”. I don’t know whether it is true story or just imaginary; but I’m sure it’s been mimicked from reality as many stories tell.

We need many things to change into first world nation, one of these things is the self-confidence and our faith in our values and beliefs. One of the methods is the targeted entertainment which is used to clarify some foggy concepts in our structure; and this one is good example in how to understand our Islamic culture in the right way.

For more information about the movie itself you can search the IMDB website; and also you can check for ‘vantage point’ another movie which is another attempt in the same way. And if you have any suggestions for such a film please comment it here.

By the end; I ask Allah gratify those who try to clarify this truth.


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