Blog Moved Here

Finally, I have decided to dedicate some time to move my blog here. Reasons behind this are a lot:

First, a wanted to do something with the hosting. BlueHost has just automatically renewed my hosting for the 4th year, and I thought that it is important to get something out.

Second, I have to continue writing. This time, a new writer called the AMAZING OLA is going to join me. She’s my wife, and she can talk a lot about so many things. So, hopefully, no gaps in posting will be there.

Third, ideas, ideas, ideas. A lot of ideas come and go, so, I believe that we have to write them down, so we or others can read them and get motivated to do something; anything!

Unfortunately, WordPress missed things up, and all the Arabic content has been scrambled. You will find some comments written in the ancient hyroglifics. I will try to work on them later: no promises.

The Arabic version of the blog is published here:, which has been also launched at the same time this one has been. Also, this is the translation of this post in Arabic.

Welcome again, and leave your comments.


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