Smart watches: use them for what they are for

It is simple as 123: If the watch is designed to be watched, then it is not to listen to music! Music players are around for a while, they are for listening to, and they are doing their job quite well!

There is a super thin line between creativity and insane; crossing it will cause disasters to users, organisations, and industry (I think).

As a rule, to know that something will succeed we can check if it meets and consorts the natural human nature, and meets at least one of the following:

  1. It enriches the usage of the body parts and senses in a natural way.
  2. It brings up something really new, which can be utilized in a natural way.
  3. It makes it easier to achieve something already exists, in a natural way.

Added values do not worth anything if they are in the wrong context! Mobile devices came initially as a hand-held device, and by time they consorted more with the normal human behaviour, as the touch-era began; thus, that was a success and continued to success. They do not require additional moves to do a call more than normal phones, they provided good camera to replace normal digital cameras for amateurs, and provided good music listening capabilities. So, they successfully replaced traditional phones, cameras, pocket notes, and music players. BUT: adding a pen to phones was a mistake! I rarely used it in the note3! UHD screens do not provide extra feature over the FHD which is already there; it will never be comfortable to watch movies or to read a book on a 5.5″ mobile device.

In contrast, tablets were good enough to watch movies, read a book, and doing sketches with a digital pen! However, they were not good enough to replace laptops no matter how much accessories you are going to add to them. So, we can expect tablets (if they are produced in the correct way) to replace traditional books and sketchpads. BUT: adding a SIM card and allowing phone calls will not be an added value and replace a phone! Tablets are not something easy to put on your face or take with you anywhere! The only value added by the SIM card in a tablet will be the extra Internet connectivity option.

Phablets failed as they are something in between and hybrid enough to gather all the bad things about mobiles and tablets in a one stupid idea! Hard to hold in one hand and small to hold by two hands, small enough to watch movies or read books, and not comfortable to do phone calls. So, failed and will continue to fail.

Laptops were a good successor of computers, however, they can not be easily used for sketching or movie watching until convertibles were produced. A laptop can not replace a mobile phone no matter how strong SIM and call capabilities were packed in it.

Outside the IT business, uni-wheel and two wheels electric scooters replaced normal scooters but won’t replace bicycles. Auto-pilot cars will be a successful replacement of normal cars, … and the list goes long..

IMHO, wearable devices will not be a success unless they remove this stupid idea of replacing mobile devices and just use them for things that watches should do: provide peeks at different things from your mobile or even the Internet, in an easy way. It will be awesome to know a lot of information by a tilt of hand. Something like how many/much things do I have: emails, text messages, appointments and meetings for today, tasks and ToDos, bank account and payables balances, steps and distance walked so far today, … Of course expected stuff like what is the weather like, what time and date is it, … etc. Doing different health/data gathering and reading is awesome, as long as they will not cost any extra physical actions. Hardly I can think about it as a reminder device. Adding extra added values like IR remote control will be awesome. But come on: break news! email/web browsing! playing favorite music! video/photo watching! phone calls! photo shots and video recording! really!!

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